over 1 year ago

To be honest, Mu Legend is particularly popular, the latest Mu Legend news can be found more here: https://www.u4gm.com/mu-legend/mu-legend-zen. The game had 180 Achievements available in CBT1 including categories for Character, Item, Monster, Adventure, Mission Map and Quests. Some of these achievements allowed for specific titles to be displayed over a character’s name.

The Graphics of Mu Legend are very good, Webzen did a great job with the textures, colors, environmentals and combination of region themes and inhabiting critters. Shadows, Water, Ice. Reflections and Depth of region bring the world to life in a very well-balanced display of immersion. It's not hard to imagine that gamers are in an effort to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.

The Party system is fairly standard, but functions well relative to zoning and waiting for other members. The biggest problem is the inability to kick party members, so if somebody goes AFK, the whole party needs to be disbanded and reformed. Webzen really needs to add a vote kick and/or party leader kick feature.

The Chat System is fairly standard, allowing for guild, zone, trade, party and other generalized system chat including tab customization to control which channels are displayed. By the way, with the time push away, U4GM as a professional Mu Legend Zen provider. It devoted to offer cheaper price, better service, faster delivery and more.

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